Tips for Home Staging

9 out of 10 home buyers have difficulty seeing past what they're presented with, these staging tips can add value to your home when you are ready to sell:

1. Clean and De-clutter! Before you start getting creative, make sure you have a clean slate to work with. This will your biggest investment of time, but also where you will gain the most value in your home. All surfaces should be cleared and dusted; tubs, toilets and showers scrubbed, and random trinkets stored away. 

2. Showcase rooms with their intended purpose. Do you have a formal dining room set up as on office? Stage it as an entertaining and eating area so buyers can better envision the rooms intended function.

3. Add some modern hardware to your cabinets to dress them up!

4. Liven up your space with paint: An easy cost effective way of freshening up a space! Use updated neutral colours in open areas, avoiding dark or intense colours.

5. Pops of colour. Against neutral backdrops, add some artwork, pillows, or decor in lively colours to create a space the buyers will remember.

6. Invest in lighting to create a well-lit and welcoming space. Chandeliers and table lamps work well.

7. Arrange furnishings to highlight home features. Do you have a beautiful fire place in your living room? Make this the focal point of your space.

8. Maintain small details and make necessary repairs. Make sure all small maintenance issues are taken care of, and invest in those home repairs you may have put off, the inspector will find them anyways. Unfinished repairs reflect badly on the overall maintenance of the home. 

 9. Smart Updates: Replace old carpet; stained or dated carpet is a turn off for potential buyers. Install solid surface countertops; kitchens and baths sell houses!

10. Hire a proffessional home stager to help you take on these tasks and assist you using their design expertise.